Prince Hall

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, Whoopie Goldberg wore a sweater with the name “Prince Hall” embroidered on it. She announced on the Wednesday show that many viewers were offended by it. Whoopi said, “I don’t know why (they were offended) … Continued

Spreading from the top

Should Americans expect the current leaders to set examples in decorum, health habits, or any other area of life? I’m thinking of the President, his administration, Congress, and even the Supreme Court. I hope you answered,”‘No.” If we look to … Continued

Trump’s America

President Trump withheld lifesaving information from the country, saying, “I did not want to create a panic.” He knew that COVID-19 “was more deadly” than “strenuous flus” (the worst cases of flu).  He called it “the plague,” and said it … Continued