American Democracy is not Guaranteed

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Representative Liz Cheney spoke last night to a mostly empty chamber. It was one of the best speeches by a politician that I have ever heard. It was the best I heard by a Republican. It was concise, clear, and substantive. She is not who I would think of as a great speaker, yet she held me fixed in my overstuffed chair, afraid to take a breath for fear of missing a word. After she finished, I said, “She did it. She called it the way it was and is.” I don’t know how many times I said, thank you. I thanked her and I thanked God that a Republican had the courage and desire to speak in favor of upholding democracy. This republic (representative democracy) is still developing and struggling as it has since its founding. The Constitution is not a perfect document and must be constantly amended, but let’s not get rid of it and start with something else just yet.

I was concerned when Trump became president that Republicans would sacrifice democracy in favor of a repressive form of government, i.e., authoritarianism (autocracy or plutocracy). I noticed how Trump, though ignorant of American history and the structure and functioning of the United States government, could be successful in corrupting the Republican party, except for a small minority who put party above one extremely flawed human.

Rep. Cheney said, “God has blessed America, but our freedom only survives if we protect it. If we honor our oath, taken before God in this chamber, to support and defend the Constitution, if we recognize threats to freedom when they arise.” In response to the question, in 1787 at the Constitutional Convention, “Doctor, what have we got a republic or a monarchy?”  Ben Franklin, said, “A republic if you can keep it.” The founders knew that at some point as America grew and developed into a great nation that there would be equally great challenges to governing as they had established it.

Cheney called former President Trump a threat who provoked a violent (deadly) attack on the Capitol to steal the election (from Joe Biden). She spoke of Trump’s efforts continuing and believes, as I do, that he is knowingly risking further violence. I believe Trump and many of the members of Congress are trying to foment revolution. Their aim is to overthrow and restructure the government to shape this nation in their image. They are not in support of all citizens having the right to vote.

I don’t know what one woman and a small group of Republicans can do to save democracy, but Liz Cheney did the right thing in calling out the election lie and its originator – Donald Trump. “Those who refuse to accept the rulings of our courts are at war with the Constitution.” The Republicans refused to believe even Trump-appointed judges’ rulings and officials throughout the country when they said there was no widespread fraud that would change the outcome of the election. What happened to rule of law? I have heard that most elected Republicans know that Biden won fairly, and the election was not stolen. They are going along with the lie to achieve a political end. I think they are playing a scary and dangerous game.

A Gold Star father said in a message to Cheney, ‘Standing up for the truth honors all who gave all.’ 

Cheney concluded her speech by saying, “That we love her (America) so much we will stand above politics to defend her. That we will do everything in our power to protect our constitution and our freedom – paid for by the blood of so many.”

Many elected officials have forgone their sworn duty in favor of supporting a twice-impeached president who has always been a liar and a loser.