Are we okay?

Did we dodge a bullet or what? At least for a while. I thought I was doomed to live out my days under a different kind of government, one where I had no rights as a black woman, yet a citizen since birth. January 6, 2021, is perhaps a day that will live in infamy just as December 7, 1941, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. This time American citizens, those who claim to be patriots, flag-waving, men and women who believed the lie that the election was stolen “bombed” the seat of government. They refused to believe that their candidate lost because their candidate along with other Republicans in Congress decided to change the narrative, rewrite the whole election process and the outcome. They kept making an issue of the 70+ million votes their candidate received without regard for the 80+ million votes the Democratic candidate received.  Yes, I almost forgot, their 70+ million voters were predominately white people, while Mr. Biden’s 80+million voters were more representative of a multicultural, multiracial America. Therefore, they did not count according to Trump, Pompeo, and other Republicans.

Democracy is fragile. I was scared. This past election had me on pins and needles. I started fearing that America was headed towards autocracy – dictatorship, monarchy, or totalitarianism in the style of Hitler or Stalin in the early months of Trump’s reign. I did not understand why the Republican party would allow such an ignorant, self-serving man as Trump to take over their party and try to set himself up as sole ruler. They were complicit at his every turn just to get a few of their agenda items accomplished and perhaps for some deeper reasons involving race which they felt afraid or impotent to tackle. They wanted a strong man to do their bidding.

America suffered under that unholy Trump regime. It lost itself, it lost standing in the world. It was no longer the self-assured, competent, capable leader of the free world. It was just another country. The world was at first puzzled, then amused. America was a laughingstock. America reminds me of an abused spouse. The abuser must first degrade the spouse by playing up all their faults and weaknesses to make them feel disrespected, insecure, inadequate, fearful. The abuser starts with isolating the abused from all family and associates. Only the abuser is the one to look to for any and everything. Only the abuser “can fix it”.

Not only did I feel that I was no longer a citizen, but I felt that America was no longer that “beacon on a hill” that President Reagan spoke of. I and all the people I know were not comfortable in Trump’s America. January 20 brought in a new era, a “kinder and gentler nation” to quote President George H. w. Bush. Can president Biden do that? Of course, he cannot do it alone. So far, the radical element of the Republican party is not ready to cooperate. We can only hope and pray that there will not be another insurrection against the United States of America.