Spreading from the top

Should Americans expect the current leaders to set examples in decorum, health habits, or any other area of life? I’m thinking of the President, his administration, Congress, and even the Supreme Court. I hope you answered,”‘No.” If we look to the current leadership for advice, warnings, or anything positive, we are doomed as individuals and a nation. However, our leaders should set the proper examples for the benefit of the American people. Many people listen to the President’s words and look at his behaviors concerning the virus for guidance in their lives. But he has failed to practice safety measures and encourage his followers to do likewise. Some have died as a result.

I question the moral and ethical judgment of Amy Coney Barrett, who the President recently nominated to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court. She is the reason for that COVID-19 super-spreader event in the Rose Garden. I am not saying that Coney Barrett was still contagious from her bout with COVID-19 over the summer and that she infected people, including the President. I am saying that she lacked the judgment to get him to postpone her nomination, given all that was happening politically, racially, economically, and mainly where COVID-19 was concerned — over 200,000 dead and counting.

The judge is pro-life, but what does that mean? Does she only care about the embryo and not those suffering and dying from the virus? Coney Barrett did not consider that someone in that mostly unmasked crowd at the White House could be infectious and spread the disease. I’m merely stating that Judge Coney Barret has not exercised good, sound judgment so far on the national scene. She had her husband and children at that super-spreader event without wearing masks.

Along with the President, the judge has access to the best medical care; however, that is not true for all citizens. Mr. Trump praised his great doctors and medicines as he walked around, proclaiming that he is cured. He took full advantage of his “free” health care paid for by American citizens, yet he wants to take away health care from those same citizens. I couldn’t help but think of families who have suffered the loss of a loved one and those individuals who are still struggling with the disease and its after-effects.

Conservatives already have a majority on the Supreme Court, so why the rush to confirm Coney Barrett? Do they think that Trump will lose the election, and this may be their last chance for a while? If Biden wins, should he pack the Supreme Court with liberal judges?

What do you think?

  1. Vernell Deshields

    Yes, I believe that if Biden wins he should pack the court with liberal judges.