Trump’s America

President Trump withheld lifesaving information from the country, saying, “I did not want to create a panic.” He knew that COVID-19 “was more deadly” than “strenuous flus” (the worst cases of flu).  He called it “the plague,” and said it is “airborne.” Yet he failed to warn American citizens. After acknowledging the pandemic’s danger to one individual, to his supporters, he calls it a hoax and refuses to wear a mask. Yet, he makes sure he keeps his distance from them. What is his motive in all of his actions towards this disease?

Was he pleased that at first, only old people were dying, then later, African Americans? Why did he withhold supplies and equipment from states?  Was it because they were “blue” instead of “red”?

200,000 people have died due to COVID-19. The disease is killing people of all races, religions, professionals and nonprofessionals, blue-state, and red-state residents of all ages. It does not discriminate based on other than wearing a mask, handwashing, and keeping distance.

We are experiencing Trump’s America — the good, the bad, the ugly, and the violent. He continues to cause disorder, mayhem, and death through lying, instigating, and race-baiting. He has ruined America’s free elections for generations.

Since he descended the escalator in his previous New York home and landed onto his political soapbox, he has been setting the stage for all-out civil war by pitting white supremacist supporters against African Americans, Immigrants, and other people of color. Trump’s America is unsafe for all law-abiding citizens. Now, he is sicking his attorney general on demonstrators threatening to charge them with sedition while he commits treason.

Trump lacks respect for the Rule of Law, and without Law, there is no America. Currently, the government is not working for its citizens. Congress has failed: The House is impotent to exercise its constitutional power. The Senate is empowering Trump to work his racist, divisive agenda, including the complete obliteration of democracy. And now the Supreme Court is mostly conservative. Our only hope is that they will render judgments based on a fair interpretation of the Law. We are doomed if they become sycophants, acolytes, or bootlickers of D.J. T.

The thing about representative democracy is that the three branches of government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) have to respect each other and faithfully perform their sworn duties for it to work. If the government is not functioning correctly, then there is no democracy. The American experiment dies when citizens do not protect democracy’s structural foundation.

This is Trump’s America!