Mr. Trump, please Submit your Resignation

The 45th president of the United States of America is a breathing, walking, talking disaster not only for this country but to world order. As Rick Wilson put it, “Everything Trump Touches Dies.”

There are many reasons why Americans need to remove Trump from the Presidency. We want to do it with our votes; however, Trump and the Republicans are working diligently to keep many of us from exercising that right. He is a criminal by any standard. There are many people, contractors, bankers, and investors that he has defrauded over the years. He used campaign funds as hush money to pay off his “girlfriends.” He has used his office to enrich himself and his family. He has wasted millions of tax dollars on numerous golf outings, and hotel stays. Trump has ignored the “Rule of Law,” acting as though it does not apply to him. He has also exemplified treasonous behaviors on several occasions. What is his indebtedness to Saudi Arabia and Russia’s President, Putin?

The following suggestion is to keep the 45th president from changing the Constitution, so he can “remain in office and become president for life.” Or at least for four more years, even if he loses in November. He wants to remain in office to prevent being indited, found guilty as he knows he is, and imprisoned.

Mr. Trump, will you resign, please? Since you have served a term as President of the United States, we will give you the dignity of exiting gracefully. You know that you are an illegitimate president. After all these years, you still do not know how to be president. I don’t remember you trying to learn the role. It bothers me that you didn’t try to learn American or World history. It also bothers me that you never wanted to be the president of all citizens. You did not seem capable of learning; neither did you have the desire to do so. The Deal, Mr. Trump, is that we will drop all of the charges that could put you in prison for the rest of your life. All you have to do is resign and pay all of your past debts. It would help if you also reimbursed the taxpayers for your numerous golf outings and Mar-a-logo visits.

We can offer you a deal that you should not refuse — FREEDOM. Perhaps we can include your family. The offer, however, is contingent on you, Mr. Trump, staying off the radio, television, and social media platforms. You must not continue to divide Americans and dismantle democracy.

Do you think Mr. Trump would accept such an offer? I know many people want to see him in handcuffs going to jail. But the country should be spared that sight. Yes, he has done worse to American citizens, Immigrants, and others. Many have lost their lives because he did not take the virus seriously at the beginning of the pandemic. Soldiers died because of his lack of concern, his ineffectiveness, and his fear (Russia’s bounties). Ukrainians got killed because of his interests (dirt on Joe Biden). He has corrupted the Justice System with Bill Barr’s enablement.

I think he wants out. Come on, “We the People,” give him a way out!

*Fill out your Ballot at home, then take it to the DropBox at your Polling Station. *Fill out the Census and return it.

2 Responses

  1. Freddie Holeyfield

    He should never have become president and now he wants four more years to make sure he destroys this country.