Impeachment trial

Impeachment trial

 The 45th President of the United States of America has been impeached. The question that remains is will he be removed from office?

For three years now I have been mystified by the Republican Party’s acceptance of the lawlessness of their president. I say “their” because he has not addressed the majority of the country, only those who voted for him and those who have given him their allegiance. I understand their devotion to him in return for what he is giving them: Supreme Court judges and federal judges that are on track to change the complexion of America; tax cuts for the wealthy; changes in abortion laws; removing regulations affecting the air, land, and water; keeping immigrants of color out of the country. The federal government is understaffed. The USDA is eliminating inspectors.  School lunches will now allow more fun foods like pizza, burgers, fries instead of fruits and vegetable.  This is just a few concerns.

If I was getting most of what I wanted would I be concerned about his immorality and lawlessness? It is policies that matter, right? Would I care about his ugly and often violent language? Would I close my eyes to his personal financial dealings at home and abroad? Would I ignore his cowardly demeanor in the presence of Putin (Helsinki)?  Would I question his relationships with America’s longtime enemies and ignore how he speaks against his military and FBI? Would I care how he and his daughter are earning wealth because of their positions in government?

If impeachment had happened as a result of the Mueller Report or the first time POTUS showed treasonous behavior, V-POTUS could have stepped in and taken over. However, it is too late for that. He is nearly as deep in the morass of wrongdoing as the president. What a dilemma for the Republicans. I cannot imagine them elevating a Democrat to the presidency. Remember, the Speaker of the House is third in in line for the presidency. If POTUS is removed from office, the second and fourth in line would also have to be removed. That only leaves third.

I can’t think of any other reason why the Republican Senate will not do its job and remove this rogue president from office. Can they be that afraid of a tweet? Or is it about losing their seats. They have relinquished their moral authority and their power to serve as a check on the presidency. They accept lies from their leader when they know the truth. That group of Senators is perfectly groomed for this new era of government we appear to be moving toward, whatever they call it. Maybe it will work for many of them and the wealthy. But I have a strong feeling that the masses will rise from complacency, lethargy, and the comfort of the couch and hit the streets demanding their rights as citizens. Why should this country only exist for a few?

I don’t want civil unrest to the point of war. I’m thankful that the white nationalists’ second attempt at starting a race war in Charlottesville, Virginia failed. Thank God for the FBI and all the National Security workers that to keep America safe from domestic and foreign terrorism. I don’t see a winning side in another civil war.

How long will the American populace put up with this corrupt, incompetent, understaffed administration? How long will Americans tolerate foreign intervention in elections? How long will Americans sit idly as America’s Democracy is demolished? How long will Americans accept the swap of ally nations for enemy nations? How long will Americans allow their tax dollars to go into the pocket of the president through unconstitutional emollients?

“Rule of Law” is already an idea that I look back at wistfully. It has fallen into the era we refer to as “the good old days” or as some say “back in the day.”

I have been tuned in to the political scene since 2007, but most especially since 2015 when I witnessed a spirit of division descend upon this nation. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears at times as relationships, values, behaviors, respect for law, and decorum declined.  Back then, I was on the same page as Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruze, Romney, and so many other Republicans who saw the truth of the man they would later elect as their leader. Now they see the reality of what is — Trump/Putin or Pelosi?

I have watched most of the Impeachment trial thus far. The Democrats have put up a good fight for Democracy. They have skillfully used the Constitution, early American history, recent history, prior impeachments, the president’s own words and actions, witnesses, Republicans statements, and much more. It has been educational. So much preparation has gone into the proceedings. However, I believe it is all for naught, zero, zilch.

When it was time for the defense, all POTUS’s lawyers could do was complain, criticize the Democrats’ process, and throw in nonessentials. They have also brought in Obama, Clinton, Bidens and Barisma. They have no defense. How can they defend the indefensible?

 The Republicans don’t have to do anything, unless the people demand it, but deny the Democrats everything they are requesting, and go back to the Senate to continue doing nothing until they are removed from office. They have already told us that this POTUS is a keeper. Unless there is some new revelation that they absolutely cannot ignore, the deal is done.

Do we still have a Democracy or more specifically a Republic — a representative government of, for, and by the people, where the people get to choose their leader (President) and their representatives (Congress = Senate and House of Representatives) – where the people rule through their representatives?  Or do we have something bordering on a Monocracy, Autocracy, or Dictatorship?

As I wrote in a previous post, perhaps it is time for a new era of governing. The Founders put all the constraints in the Constitution, but if it is ignored, then what do we have? what can we do?

When Ben Franklin was asked whether we have a republic or a monarchy, he answered, “A republic if you can keep it.”

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