What people are saying about Honoring My Journey

I am so grateful to have been part of your “Journey,” feeling truly honored.
Wayne South Smith

Your book is exciting. I’m half way through and learning information about our family for the first time…highly recommend to anyone interested in a well written, thoughtful book about personal growth and family interactions.
Freddie Holeyfield

Congratulations! I am enjoying your book, so proud of you. It is just remarkable, the history, the family, your childhood and your life, so happy to read your book.
Cousin Viva

Love your book!
Mel and Pearl Shaw

I devoured the book in about two settings…I could not put it down. I now more understand why you are the wonderful person that you are. Thanks for sharing your Journey so beautifully!
Warmest Regards,
Rosa Waymon

You did it. Your book arrived Tuesday and I almost finished reading it. What a great job in sharing your life journey. Being born in the 1940s makes your experience understandable and one that I can relate to in many ways. It ties together your experiences and the times and history as well. Thanks for the book and sharing your story. Your honesty and courage are admired. I think that it is a reminder and a teacher that our history has evolved and some changes have been made. Thanks again, and I hope that many people will read your story. I plan to share your book with several people.
Thanks and rich blessings always,
Evelyn Holt

Dearest Barbara,
Thanks for including your friend in your memoir. I’m enjoying reading your book, especially your homemade ice cream, “Bluebell.”
Betty J.

Hi Barbara,
I am enjoying reading your book. I remember some of the comments in the book. Mrs. Gray is in my heart. Also, may god bless and keep you.
Sonny (Glenn)

Thanks for the book. I am enjoying reading it. I didn’t know you had a farm life like me.

Congratulations on your book!
The book is awesome! I am so inspired by it and want to write a biography about my father’s mother. Thanks for writing your journey and sharing it with us.

Aunt Barb,
Thanks for blessing me with a signed copy of your beautiful book! I have enjoyed it and will cherish this memento forever. I’m adding this to my bedtime stories for Nicholas and baby Preston so they can appreciate it as much as we do. God bless you for keeping our rich family history alive.
I love you,
Angela McClendon Johnson

Congratulations on this great accomplishment!

I received your book…Thanks for all your work, endurance and perseverance.
Monroe Woods

Two wonderful occasions to celebrate – a book launch and your 70th birthday. Congratulations on both!
Joanna and Alan

Congratulations on your book launch and Happy Birthday! What a wonderful birthday blessing!
I am very grateful for our friendship and for your life. You inspire me!

Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your book!
Mike and Mary Lou

Congratulations on your recent accomplishment—publishing your book.
I enjoyed reading your life story. Thanks for taking the time to share. May all who read it reflect and know who you are.