Honoring My Journey

My memoir is now available at Abbott Press and on Amazon. Honoring My journey is a slice of my life that I wanted to share with my children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, other relatives, friends, neighbors, former class and school mates and the general public. I believe it has something of value for all people regardless of age or race.

I spent my youth during an exciting and interesting time in America. The country was comprised of a majority group (white) and a minority group (black), two polar opposites. The two groups have had to design and redesign ways of coexisting peacefully. The civil rights era brought change as black people struggled for equal access under the law. I write a little about what was happening in the country during that time. Yet, this is a book about my family for four generations.

They were ordinary people, not far removed from the slave experience, trying to make good lives for themselves and their descendants. They understood the value of education and landownership and took seriously the four-letter word WORK. They knew it was their responsibility to make it, to make a living and a life regardless of the opposition that segregation and Jim Crow, brought.